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Biopal.ML Agricultural Project Ongoing Investments

Current investments
  1. Development of a better power supply for the chicken hatchery. The old hatchery was completely dependent on solar energy, which gave rise to many problems.
    This is now being done by the construction of a new incubator in the 
    proximity to the Lentou hydroelectric power station, a new 
    power station on the Senegal River. It was built by China and 
    inaugurated in 2013. It provides for the countries of Mali, Senegal 
    and Mauretania of electricity. In addition to this power station, Biopal 
    bought a plot of land which is now powered by it.
    Building materials 5,432.00
    Electricity 3,196.00
    Borehole + pump 1,523.00
    Wage costs 1,673.00
    Transport costs 54.00
    	Subtotal 11,878.00
  2. Extension of our premises and accommodation for the
    Training centre for agriculture and horticulture.
    Building land:measurement and 
    registration 950.00
    Cement 1,221.00
    Sand, lorry (10x) 458,00
    Timber for roof trusses, 
    red wood against termites 480,00
    Corrugated sheets, 200m2 x 2 
    (for cooling) 2,022.90
    Paint+lime 92.00
    Electro, sockets
    light points+ switches 126.00
    150m cable 205.00
    Electric cabinet 321.00
    Plumbing + connection 976.00
    Septic tank 1,350.00
    Doors and windows 550.00
    Reed, for the roof 375,00
    Air conditioning, plus mounting 2,745.00
    Measuring internal walls 1,800.00
    Occupancy of interior walls 1,384.62
    Fence 655.92
    Furnishings: furniture 2,300.00
    Insurance+ social 
    workers' contributions 200.00
    Nutrition (food and drink 
    for people who
    helps with the assembly) 2,500.00
    	Subtotal 20,710.00
  3. Start working and sowing the 200Ha,
    which have been made available to us for 50 years
    through the villages in the area.
    Tractor and trailer 5 tonnes 20,000.00
    Plough 8,000.00
    Shredder 8,500.00
    Seed 500,00
    Silo 4,500.00
    Wells 32,500.00
    Irrigation system 9,800.00
    	Subtotal 83,800.00