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Explanation about the push-pull method in Africa...

Agriculture & vegetables

Our goals are better harvesting, sustainable agriculture and avoiding genetically modified crops...
At the moment we have a vegetable garden and soil for the production of corn for the chickens. The Biopal cooperative works according to the 'Push-pull' principle. This biological way of farming avoids contamination of the crops by insects in a natural way. This principle produces 5 times more corn.
Biopal cooperative has received 200 hectares of land from local municipalities to further develop the agricultural project. In order to cultivate this piece of land, the purchase of a tractor, a plough, a sowing machine and water pumps is needed. This project would provide employment for another 45 people and provide the Kayes region with fresh vegetables and animal feed.
Our employees are already receiving training and education on sustainable agriculture, but we'd like to extend this. A training centre near the new land would complete the agricultural project.

Push-Pull system.

Maize has two problems in particular. A boreworm (larvae) that eats the corn internally and stiga, a plant that puts its roots around the roots of the corn plant and takes away the nutrients.

The first is solved by planting Napier ( Elephant grass ). It insects ( a kind of moth ), whose eggs turn into the dreaded larvae, now prefers to sit on the elephant grass and lay the eggs there. On this plant, however, this has no effect and the larvae die.

The stiga-plant is combed by planting desmodium. This plant is a poison for the stiga-plant. However, desmodium is a good soil improver and brings nitrogen into the soil. So it only has advantages.