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Biopal.ML Agricultural project Location

Sabouciré, Kayes
Mali Africa

Mali, officially the Republic of Mali, is a country in Africa, sub-Saharan Africa. It is completely cut off from the sea. Parts of the country are in the Sahel. Mali is completely surrounded by other countries such as Algeria, Niger and Mauritanie.
The project itself, is located in Sabouciré, the province of Logo, 25 km east of Kayes, next to the river Senegal.
Accessible by bus or taxi from Bamako ( 650km ) or via Dakar in Senegal ( 750km ). Due to the condition of the roads it takes at least a long day.

The city of Kayes has 250,000 people, and the 19 villages surrounding the project have about 11,600 inhabitants.
In Logo there is a lack of common and economic infrastructure. Current economic investments such as: village banks, weekly markets, public transport, etc. are scarce. There are no training centres. There is no secondary education or vocational training. Few children attend school there.
The soil is fairly fertile. There is enough water due to the presence of the Senegal stream ( if one has pumps ) Agriculture is only possible during the rainy season. From March onwards, the chance of precipitation increases in the south, after which mid-June the important rainy season begins. The intense rain showers can fall until the beginning of October, after which the rainy season quickly turns into a dry period.

Mali has no frost, snow or cold days. In the winter months it is warm; the summers are very hot to downright hot. In the south the rain tempers the temperatures in the summer months. For example, in the capital Bamako the mercury drops from around forty degrees in April to just over thirty degrees in July and August. In the desert, the copper plough together with the drought ensures that maximum temperatures are between 40 and 45 degrees.